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Administration console

connection pools

In the previous image you can see the page with the connection pool information.

At the top there is information relative the connection pool configuration. The password is not visible for security reasons.

The second section is relative to the connections status of a pool. You can select the connection pool to see from the relative list and ask to refresh the data using the relative link.
The connection data are:
  1. Connection: the name of the connection. This is the return string of method toString() of class Connection.
  2. Type: the type of the connection. "P" is for the permanent connections, the one that is never closed and always available for use. "T" is the temporary connection: these types of connections are opened when all the permanent connections are in use and closed when the request class releases them.
  3. Creation time: This is the date/time when the connection is opened.
  4. Get time: If the connection is in use then this is the date/time when it was started. If the connection is not in use then the value is free.
  5. Release time: This is the last date/time when the connection is released.
  6. Request class: If a connection is in use in this list, you can see the stack trace of the class that has requested the connection. This information is available only if the parameter cp_isdebug (in file jfw.properties) has value true; in that case, the value at the right of the label "Debug information about the connections" will be yes.
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